How to prolong the life of your gas appliances

How to prolong the life of your gas appliances

Servicing your gas appliances annually will ensure they are working as efficiently as possible, and most importantly, that they are safe. Remember, most manufacturer warranties require the appliance to be serviced in order for the warranty to be valid so be sure to keep on top of your services. Regular check-ups also prevent easily fixable problems turning into costly repairs.

Many central heating systems suffer from black iron oxide contamination, which creates thick sludge deposits that are the result of corrosion taking place within radiators. The oxide particles can range from very large to sub-micron, with the latter leaching into the system water continuously during use.

These particles bond to all components, often causing failure of parts such as the heat exchanger and can drastically reduce efficiency.

This is a liquid added to the central heating system to prevent corrosion and rust from building up in radiators, pipe work, and the heat exchanger in the boiler. This is often a requirement of a manufacturer’s guarantee on a new boiler.

The use of a central heating inhibitor is a cheap way to add years onto the life of your system and reduce the risk of costly repairs.

These allow central heating water to pass through when all TRVs are closed.

These valves open a shortcut to stop the pump forcing the water through a pipe where there is nowhere for the water to go due to a valve closing. This can result in a shorter life for your central heating pump. Many new combination boilers have these integral to the boiler.

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