How to reduce your heating bills

How to prolong the life of your gas appliances

Having an energy efficient boiler and insulating your pipes can help reduce the cost of your heating bills.

Energy Efficient Boiler

According to the Energy Saving Trust, boilers account for around 55% of what an average household spends in a year on energy bills, so having an efficient boiler can have a big difference on the amount you spend.  Having an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler could save you as much as £310 a year.

Condensing boilers are more efficient than old boilers because they burn their fuel very efficiently when they are looked after. They have a bigger heat exchanger, which allows them to retain more heat. A condensing boiler will still lose some heat in the gases that are released through the flue and sometimes the flue gases get so cool that the water vapour in the gas condenses out, which is where condensing boilers get their name from. When this happens, even more energy is recovered from the condensing vapour, which means even better efficiency.

If you would like to enquire about having an energy efficient boiler or would like to arrange a quotation, please call us on 07730197036 or 01656716462 or email us on More information about the benefits of an energy efficient boiler can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is a vital product that helps prevent frozen and burst pipes on the outside of the home or unheated spaces such as an attic. It also helps prevent heat loss into attic and wall cavity spaces where heat is not required.

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